With our two factories located on a total 30.000 m² enclosed area in Izmir, we are producing cabinet doors and panel products. Milestones; 2004: Membrane Cabinet Doors production has started 2005: First branch office openning 2007: Aluminium Framed Cabinet Door and Sliding Door production has started 2009: Acrylic Cabinet Door and Acrylic Panel production has started 2009: Began exporting 2010: Production plant is increased to 10.000 m² with a new factory 2010: First usage of computerized automation system in production phase of furniture sector. 2011: First in Turkey; Supermat Cabinet Door and Panel production 2011: Glossylam Cabinet Door and Panel production 2012: Anti-scratch Acrylic Cabinet Door and Panel production 2012: First on the Furniture Sector: 3days Delivery Time. 2014: The number of our branch offices reached to 32 2014: Convex&Concaved Shaped Anti-scratch Acrylic Cabinet Door (BOMBE) production has started

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